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Holiday Guide

Get to Know Wood Buffalo's Local Art Scene

Arts Council Wood Buffalo
BY Arts Council Wood Buffalo
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Where are the arts in Wood Buffalo you ask? Look no further, we have all the arts right here!

This holiday season, explore the local arts scene by going to locally produced shows, buy tickets to local live events, visit local attractions, buy locally made merchandise, or go to workshops and classes facilitated by local artists.


Why buy local? By buying local art you are supporting Wood Buffalo's small business owners. There are a variety of ways to support local and its these small steps that contribute to diversifying our regions economy and sustainability. When you buy local, more money stays in the community. Being able to leverage that home business or part time passion into a full-time career stimulates increased spending, job creation, and opportunity.

There is also something really cool about being able to say this was made in Fort McMurray. Seek out local art, you will see a wide variety of locally made goods, local entertainment and arts opportunities available on a regular basis. Did you know that there is original theatre happening through Theatre; Just Because and Keyano Theatre Company? What about locally made films like Gregoire, God's Acre, and Nerdvana the Web Series? Grass-roots organizations like the Wood Buffalo Arts & Crafts Guild and the Boreal Artist Institute, and the Wood Buffalo Artisans engage the community at different events, markets, and pop-ups. Points North Gallery, located in the Arts District in downtown Fort McMurray, has been the regions premier commercial gallery for over 25 years. Local visual art and books can also be found at the Heritage Village and Oil Sands Discovery Centres gift shops.

Looking for a gift for an artist? Give them the opportunity to learn a different technique or a new artistic form all together, and help them grow more diverse as an artist. Visit the many arts businesses to get educated on the latest equipment and techniques. Our local stores have knowledgeable staff who are artists themselves and love sharing their passion with the community. These include: Photomagic Fotosource, Campbell's Music, Spotlight Performance Wear, WeeBounce Arts Supplies, Kathy's Fiber Arts, and more!

Being creative isn't only for artists. This holiday season, help that workaholic friend or loved one work art into their daily routine. Aside from gaining new conversation points to wow co-workers, being creative helps people to think outside of the box, find different solutions, and gain a new perspective on problem solving.

Looking for a stress relieving gift? Banging out a favourite tune on a new instrument, or splattering paint, or learning to dance can be a great stress-relieving workout. Looking for a more tame approach for stress relief? Nothing clears the mind like putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, or voice to recording device, and organizing ones thoughts and words into a literary work. A gift that shows your support and allows someone to participate in Words in Motion, or submit their written efforts to NorthWord, our locally produced literary journal of Canada's North, could be the perfect gift.

Help that someone special on your gift list to dabble in the arts and learn something new by taking in an arts class or workshop facilitated by a local artists in local arts venues. Not sure what's out there? Fort McMurray has many great creative gift opportunities here in our community for someone looking to explore something new and creative: the MacDonald Island Art & Culture department, the Suncor Energy Centre for the Performing Arts, Fort McMurray Potters Guild,  Paint Nights, Salsa Dancing Club, Theatre; Just Because programming, and so many more.

Get out and engage with the arts and artists in our community this holiday season, shop and buy local, discover whatÕs new and unique right here. There is always something happening in the arts in Fort McMurray!


Support your local arts community. Go to shows, buy the arts and crafts that intrigue you, practice your art. We have world class talent here, and if we don't support it we will lose it. Be an ambassador for your arts community, be proud of what they create, and show the world. That appreciation and exposure tells a far greater story for our community than the media will, and shows the world that we are more than the sum of our parts. Support your local arts community.

Scott Meller, Campbell's Music and ACWB's Board of Directors - Music.


Not sure where to find opportunities to engage with the arts? Follow Arts Council Wood Buffalo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or visit the Arts Calendar on our website at Want event information delivered to your inbox? Become an Arts Council Wood Buffalo member and enjoy being the first to know!


Fort McMurrays Local Attraction Heritage Village
1. Local Author Lorna Spargo - Titanic Adventures.
2. Keyano Theatre CompanyÕs production Sexy Laundry (2018).
3. Fort McMurray Screening of Union Leader produced by Local Artist Sanjay Patel.
4. Theatre; Just Because and Waypoints Dinner Theatre 2018, A Knight To Remember.