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Bravo Target Safety Announces “Made in Alberta” Partnership with Evolved Industrial Solutions Ltd.

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Leading provider of industrial and oilfield emergency response and safety services adds innovative confined space controls and air quality management to create unique suite of services

Bravo Target Safety, a leading provider of industrial and oilfield emergency response and safety services, today announced a partnership with Fort McMurray-based Evolved Industrial Solutions, a developer of innovative technology focused within the management of confined space work activities with the integration of automated mechanical ventilation. Merging each company’s specialization creates a compelling service offering.

Evolved E-Zephyr Technology integrates ventilation controls with confined space management to effectively reduce risk, limit exposure hours, enhance monitoring controls, create installation efficiency and accelerate emergency response times.

“We are very pleased to be working with fellow Albertans, Evolved Industrial Solutions,” says Kevin O’Brien, CEO, Bravo Target Safety. “Together, we are providing a safer environment for workers operating in confined spaces. The feedback from our customers already using E-Zephyr has been very positive. We anticipate a return to high activity levels for industrial services in the coming months and into next year. This partnership is well-timed because it responds to a growing demand for confined space servicing with the added efficiency of requiring fewer on-site workers.”

“Evolved Industrial Solutions started with a simple goal to proactively control atmospheric conditions of confined space work scopes,” adds Paul Fulton, President, Evolved Industrial Solutions. “Evolved Industrial E-Zephyr Technology combined with the Bravo Target Safety high pressure breathing air delivery system creates a modern solution for market. This combination ensures two fundamental benefits: elevated safety for confined space workers, and cost efficiencies for clients.”