Business & Oilsands

Boston Pizza: Chewing For Charity

  BY  ON Mar 20, 2017

Boston Pizza has been locally owned and operated for 34 years, and giving back to our city has always been something we take pride in,…

HVAC Solutions: A True Leader in Our Community

  BY  ON Mar 20, 2017

Often referred to as ‘most giving community in Canada,’ Fort McMurray is known for its remarkable generosity towards causes it truly believes in. A vital…


Michael Jesso’s Fabulous, Derailed

  BY  ON Mar 20, 2017

I once read “to fly is human but to hover is divine”, and nowhere can that statement be truer than when it comes to being…

Fort McMurray Public School District: Doing What’s Best For Everyone

  BY  ON Mar 20, 2017

When Chantal Collin, Volunteerism class teacher at Westwood Community High School learned of a special training program for taxi drivers to pick-up women leaving their…

Sports & Recreation

MiKids: Meeting the Vision to Make a Difference

  BY  ON Mar 20, 2017

The vision of the Regional Recreation Corporation of Wood Buffalo (RRC) is to make a difference in the Wood Buffalo region every day, and while…

Staying in Step with the Fort McMurray Social Dance Club

  BY  ON Mar 20, 2017

Box steps and turns. Promenades and rock steps. Arm slides and fifth-position breaks. These moves are only a small handful of what you’ll see on…

Web Exclusive

A Community Challenge to get a TON of food (2000 lbs) for the Wood Buffalo Food Bank

  BY  ON Feb 19, 2016

Who are we? We are Annette's Angels – a cohort of passionate community leaders dedicated towards helping Canadians living with food insecurity in Wood Buffalo.…

Fort McMurray Sikh Society - Food Drive

  BY  ON Nov 20, 2015

Building on the pillars of Sikhism, three basic guidelines for Sikhs · Naam Japna (focus of God) · Kirat Karni (honest living) · Vand Chakna…